In the midst of being pulled from one side of the entertainment world of Bollywood to his residing entertainment place of Hollywood, Rahul Nath finds the time to take you on a journey called KHAZANA.

The film has not been an easy ride for the director/actor, who has struggled with budget issues, conflicts with cast and crew dates and above all having to juggle the movie with his yet to be released Bollywood project where he has a prime role opposite Bollywood A list superstars.

That being said, KHAZANA delivers a power packed cast, an intriguing and inviting storyline and yet gives you a feast like movie that is definitely worth the taste.

The movie focusses on the recently married VAIDEHI (Ulka Simone Mohanty), who is finding married life a bit more than difficult. Her husband, the good looking AMAR (Ahmed Lucan) has a temper that ignites at the slightest of words and to add more fire to the situation, she has a very unsupportive mother in law, CHAND (Shruti Tewari) and sister in law, SAPNA (Sonam Arvind Dhage), who are striving their best to not give her an easy ride. And if the situation cannot get any worse, there is also the mistress come vixen NEELIMA (Reem Kadem), who flaunts and exposes her femininity at any opportunity.

Trying to retain her sanity, she seeks refuge in the local psychiatrist, RISHI (Bahram Khosraviani) and the local doctor, ARUN (Rahul Nath himself) and also the servant of the house, (Laikh Tewari).

But all fails and after a series of dramatic events, Vaidehi is pushed over the edge and takes a stand against all the wrong doings against her and fights back.

How she fights back and how she takes a stand then takes you on the second portion of the movie.

It goes without saying that in a Rahul Nath movie you can never expect the acting to fall anything below excellent, and in KHAZANA, excellent is not enough justice to the superb ensemble cast that come together to give you this story. Ahmed Lucan as the short tempered husband is scary and intimidating, and yet striking handsome all in one breathe. He gives you chills in specific scenes and we are left speechless at his actions as Amar and also the complexity at which he operates. Shruti Tewari as the vicious mother in law, gives bitch a whole new meaning. She is manipulative and scarily sweet, but above all, you have to count your lucky stars that you don’t have a mother in law like her. She is both aggressively dramatic and yet comically stupid in her later scenes. Reem Kadem as the sexy and sultry vixen, portrays excellently a no shame woman, she gives us many different sides to her character and also looks a thousand dollars throughout. Bahram Khosraviani as the compassionate shrink does a great job of playing out his hidden emotions and shines through the second half of the movie. The comic relief of the movie Sonam Arvind Dhage is hilarious as the slow, yet conniving sister in law and has great comedic timing throughout. The hidden gem is without a doubt, Laikh Tewari, who gives the audience both excellent comedic value and also some hard hitting drama. He is excellent in the climax of the movie

But it goes without saying that the movie belongs to the excellent newcomer Ulka Simone Mohanty, who embraces every facet of Vaidehi and makes you feel the painful ride that she is on. She has a beautiful plain Jane look that is ultimately transformed to a revengeful woman ready to take on those that have crossed her. Watch her as she excels in the dramatic portions of the movie, and also as she pleas with those around her to help her save her from the torment that she is going through. She delivers the correct amount of emotion at each level and also excels in her transformation throughout the movie.

For director/actor Rahul Nath, KHAZANA is another credit he can gladly add to his body of work. The direction is powerful and strong and the storyline engaging from the word go. On the acting front he is great as the helpless doctor that tries his best to help Vaidehi, but it is the directing that overshadows here. The pace and length of the movie are both ideal and you can expect not to leave the theater with any dry eyes or uncontrollable laughs.

Select scenes have been shot in such a way that they are emotionally moving and take into this dark world that the poor Vaidehi is living through.

A gripping story with so many twists and turns, KHAZANA will keep you locked from the rolling of the credits. Have a dinner date with KHAZANA. It is without a doubt worth the bite!