EALING has secured more than £40million funding to upgrade council properties following discussions with the Prime Minister.

Ealing Homes' managing director Su Gomer today attended a round table discussion at Number 10 with Tony Blair, communities secretary Ruth Kelly and other Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs) and contractors to discuss the importance of securing funding to local boroughs.

There had been fears cash to ALMOs was to be cut but following talks, the company which manages the council's properties has secured £41million for the coming year for their Decent Homes project.

Ms Gomer said: "This announcement has assured that we can meet our commitment to our tenants and contractors, and we are pleased that the strong case we put forward was recognised."

It was also announced that regulations would shortly be laid before Parliament that would give ALMOs, like Ealing Homes, and formal Tenant Management Organisations new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Ms Gomer added: "This is another step further to creating decent neighbourhoods. By giving this power to ALMOs and through working with Ealing Council we can take charge in tackling anti-social behaviour and improving the safety of our communities."

Ealing Homes' plans beyond 2008 are now subject to the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review at the end of July.

So far £30million has been spent upgrading more than 800 properties during the past year as a result of £207million Government money allocated following a Two Star Audit Commission inspection.

During the next five years, about £300million will be spent upgrading more than 10,000 properties on 150 estates, renovating kitchens, bathrooms and improving security by installing CCTV cameras.