CONSERVATIVES on the London Assembly have been embarrassed by reports that transport spokesman Roger Evans wants to abolish free bus travel for under 16s.

The revelation, which is at odds with his party's policy, came in an answer to a question placed on his blog site, Mr Evans, who is also deputy chairman of the transport committee, said: "Given the cost of this concession, the levels of antisocial behaviour and the lack of control over the issuing and checking of passes, I will be recommending abolition - if asked."

Policy change can only be effected when the new conservative mayoral candidate is elected, but opposition parties have criticised the Tories for being hypocritical.

Liberal Democrat transport spokesman on the London Assembly, Geoff Pope, said: "The Tories' attack on free travel for London's children shows just how anti-youth they really are.

"Far from "hugging a hoodie', the London Tories would rather shove them off the bus.

"Unfortunately not all children are privileged enough to be driven to school in luxury 4x4s. This news will not be well received by hard-working families."

Mr Pope added: "David Cameron has gone to desperate lengths to try to revamp his party. Sadly today's announcement shows just how out of touch the grass root Tories really are."