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Tina Sharp

SHARP Tina In October all the ladybirds reside. So it was then, that my beautiful Tina died, She…
Published on 20/10/2023
In Memoriam

Andy Walters

WALTERS Andy Wonderful Husband and Dad. Smiles can hide sadness, Tears can be wiped away, But the…
Published on 13/10/2023
In Memoriam

Pamela Weedon

WEEDON Pamela 7th October 2014 Your presence we miss, Your memory we treasure, Lloving you always,…
Published on 06/10/2023
In Memoriam

Joan May Smith

SMITH Joan May 15th September, 2011 Loved, remembered and still greatly missed by all her family…
Published on 15/09/2023
In Memoriam

Rory McMahon

McMAHON Rory 12/06/1980 - 16/09/2021 It is two years since you raised your parting glass, missing…
Published on 15/09/2023
In Memoriam

Geraldine Lesley Dawn Aldridge

ALDRIDGE Geraldine Lesley Dawn 25.11.1974 - 14.9.2000 Remembering our darling Geddy. A very…
Published on 15/09/2023
In Memoriam

Vera Emily Rose Holmes

HOLMES Vera Emily Rose Passed away 31st August 2016. Every day I miss you a little bit more and I…
Published on 25/08/2023
In Memoriam

Roger Vere

ROGER VERE Died 22nd August 1996. Treasured memories of a wonderful husband and father. Much loved…
Published on 18/08/2023
In Memoriam

Florence and Peter Barnes

BARNES Florence - 23rd June BARNES Peter - 13th August To mum and dad, we think of you both day…
Published on 11/08/2023
In Memoriam

Gladys (Elizabeth) Ash

ASH Gladys (Elizabeth) 7.11.1923 - 27.7.2021 The years are passing us by, but the memories of you…
Published on 28/07/2023
In Memoriam

Robert Lasseter

LASSETER Robert 25th July 2013 Thinking of you is easy, we do it every day, but missing you is the…
Published on 21/07/2023
In Memoriam

Joan Eileen Potter

POTTER Joan Eileen 9th March 1938 - 17th July 2019 Greatly missed and always remembered by your…
Published on 14/07/2023