You better make sure that there are some firefighters at the Wycombe Swan as, ‘Burn the Floor’, will be coming to the town.

The show will be at the St Mary Street on Monday, April 20 which will see dancer Kevin Clifton, and his younger sister Joanne, headline the popular dance show which is expected to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

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Accompanied by professional dancers from across the country, the he crowd will see a seriously romantic Waltz, to a futuristic Foxtrot, the passion of the Tango and Paso Doble cut right through, as well as seeing a powerful Cha Cha, Samba and Jive, and Rumba.

Speaking ahead of their visit in April, Kevin said: “Burn The Floor is the show that ignited a spark in me and changed me forever as a performer.

“Through Broadway, West End and touring all over the world this show has ripped apart the rule book, revolutionised our genre and inspired and shaped me as the dancer I am today.

“In 2019 I returned ‘home’ to Burn the Floor, and I am delighted to say that, in 2020, my sister Joanne will be joining me.”

Joanne then added: "I’ m not competitive or anything, but being a World Champion, I have a natural nose for the win, especially against my brother Kev.

“He’s always done everything first – he was born first, started dancing first, got on Strictly first, joined the amazing Burn the Floor first … oh wait, but I won the Strictly glitterball first, didn’t I?

“Burn the Floor? More like Scorch the Earth.

“Come and see the show if you want to see who the REAL Clifton Champion is!

“Anything he can do; I can definitely do better!"

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