Those who doubt what our young people have to offer need look no further than the acclaimed production of Lord of the Flies.

It received rave reviews when it premiered at Regent Park Open Air Theatre and is now coming to Wycombe Swan as part of its UK tour.

Amongst the talented cast bringing William Golding's dystopian tale of shipwrecked schoolboys to life is Beaconsfield's own Benedict Barker.

The pupil of Stagecoach Theatre Arts School shares the role of Perceval with two other actors. The youngest character, his innocence is stripped away as the band of boys descend into feral behaviour as they try to survive.

We caught up with Benedict to find out more.

What made you want to be in the show?

I liked the fact that the first performances were in the West End at Regent’s Park Open Air theatre and I loved the character of Perceval who I play.

Did you know much about Lord of the Flies before being in the show?

I watched the film to prepare for my audition and am now reading the book.

After all the rehearsing and performances I know it really well and love the story.

How would you describe your character?

Perceval is a naïve but confident and curious boy. He is much younger than the other boys on the island and in some parts of the play he changes himself in order to fit in and be accepted by the others.

What is your favourite part of the show?

My favourite parts of the show are the movement scenes as it looks like chaos but is actually very tightly choreographed and we all have to work together to make sure no one gets hurt.

This is the first time you have ever been on stage, is it scary playing a main character? Do you get nervous?

We have rehearsed the play so much that by the time we came to perform it I wasn’t nervous because I knew all my lines inside out.

What are the other boys like in the show? Do you all get on well?

The other boys are all really nice; it has been really interesting and fun to work with older people .The cast members get on really well, we have all kinds of games and tricks that we play on each other.

Do you enjoy touring the country with the show?

I love the touring because I have visited lots of new places and enjoy staying in hotels.

What do you like about acting on stage?

For me acting on stage is exciting and so much fun; I like all the other aspects such as quick costume changes and pretending to eat pig’s intestines which are actually veggie hot dogs.

Do you hope to do more acting in the future?

Definitely, I would love to do more theatre as well as some film and TV work

What is it like to study at the Stagecoach Theatre Arts School? Is it fun?

Stagecoach is great fun and really helped me to pursue my acting ambition, and they really helped me to improve.

Why should people in High Wycombe buy tickets to see the show?

Lord of the Flies is a very intense show – an emotional rollercoaster. The set is absolutely amazing and worth the price of a ticket to see it.

Wycombe Swan, St Mary Street, High Wycombe, November 17 to 21. Details:,