GENETIC modification sits at the heart of an Ealing composer’s music for touring dance company performance, It Goes Here Now.

Premiering in February, the Tempered Body Dance Theatre is halfway through the UK tour of It Goes Here Now.

Composer Adam Bzowski, from Hanwell, said: “The music is a slight shift from my other work, still melodic yet very stark and leaning towards the more ambient and abstract side of things.”

The show examines mankind’s fascination with making people, exploring subjects from bio-clones to Frankenstein’s demon.

Tempered Body Dance Theatre describes the performance as one which combines physicality with hard science to expose fetishes, reveries and revulsions.

Mr Bzowski worked with dancer Maddy Morgan on Body of Work and was honoured when she asked him to score the new show.

Mr Bzowski added: “I had just finished reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley so my mind was already circulating round the themes of dystopia and morality. “Genetic modification is a very expansive and pertinent subject, so I was intrigued to see how Maddy would explore it.”

The performance was funded by Arts Council England, in partnership with Open Studios and in association with Haringey Sixth Form.

The show is scheduled for another London stop on Saturday, May 24 at Rich Mix, London, 7:30pm.

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