...with Thomas J Speight and the Staves.

Walking into The Amber Rooms at 8.30pm I was greeted by the sounds of what seemed a 50’s disco, and customers both young and old were already jiving around the bar area.

Looking around the room you see images of nearly every local band, and the majority of them were also there in person, in the space of a few weeks The Fullertons and their Camel Club have built a pretty solid musical community spirit, and about time too!

Twickenham based solo artist Thomas J Speight is the first act to step up tonight, and what instantly strikes you is that the cellar "gig room" is packed to the rafters but yet totally silent, and Tom deserves this attention.

He plays a captivating set of original music; his young voice reminiscent of Ryan Adams and Bright Eyes, creating some beautifully crafted haunting tales of life and love.

The final act of the night was also well worth the wait. The Staves are three sisters and one guitar, but, if you close your eyes, the sound-scape they create with their perfect harmonies could leave you thinking you are listening to an entire orchestra.

The Staves are like a modern day version of be Crosby Stills Nash and Young; people are crowding into the cellar, sitting at their feet, and standing all the way up the staircase.

The atmosphere they create really is quite special.

And then the DJ takes over and the dancing starts again, and this is all before 11pm - on a Monday of all nights!

This night is soon to be one of legend. I urge you to get involved. I've booked in my Tuesday morning hangover for the next year.