Some former Purcell School of Music students go on to play in internationally renowned concert halls and conservatoires, others choose to stay at home and form a rock band.

Oxhey resident Liam Heath, 20, formed the tantalisingly Italian-sounding Kaveli last year with his younger brother Calum (known as Cab, 18) and friends. Liam plays trumpet and guitar as well as writing the songs while Cab is lead singer. Bulgarian- born Atanas Dochev (Nas, 18), plays drums and is currently a boarder at the music school and lead guitarist Tyrian Purple, 20, is Liam’s fellow former Purcell student. Bass player Carl Dawkins, 22, completes the line-up on the night.

Although still relatively new, Kaveli have been working hard to get noticed. Liam has recently been working as a runner on film productions, so was easily able to recruit a crew when it came to shooting the video for their debut single Steal You, from their soon to be released seven-track EP of the same name. Liam directed the video which was filmed in an old house in Lewisham, creating an overall “gothic vibe“.

So what kind of sound goes with that? Liam is a classically trained trumpet player has previously performed jazz gigs at the Bushey Festival.

“I think jazz is a big part of what we do now,“ says Cab. “Our music isn’t just a load of blokes screaming and shouting. It’s proper rock – not soft rock or screamo.“ For Liam the melody comes first and the lyrics after.

“I’m not really a lyricist, I create using vowel sounds that sound natural,“ he says. “There’s no particular message. I can’t be bothered with that. We’re not shoving our opinions down anyone’s throat.“ Kaveli have already done a handful of gigs at the 100 Club on Oxford Street, in Camden and other parts of London. They play their debut gig in Watford next week at Rehab.

“It’s difficult to build a fanbase in London,“ he says. ”This will be our first Watford gig and it’s nice to be playing in a local venue that promotes new bands. It’s good to establish where we’re from.“

Kaveli play Rehab on Tuesday, July 3. Details: 020 8686 5600, email: