There comes a time when there’s nothing better than casting off your uniform of leggings, band t-shirt and heavy eyeliner for a bit of double denim, cowboy boots and a chew on a bit of straw.

At a time when the local music scene is full-to-the-brim with Indie-Rock outfits, what a breathe of fresh air it is this week to have a bit of bluegrass courtesy of American band Water Tower Bucket Boys.

The four-piece, made up of Kenny Feinstein, Josh Raibe, Cory Goldman and Walter Spencer, are set to perform in Watford at The Horns on Sunday, August 22, followed by a performance at Old Barn, Cock Inn in Sarratt on Monday, August 23.

And they have a new album out – Sole Kitchen.

A third for the group, the thirteen track musical masterpiece – because I tell you, that’s what it is – is a bubbling cauldron of old-time country, jazz and bluegrass, which heavily draws influence from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan among others.

Grabbing you by the scruff of the neck is opener “Crooked Road”, a fast-paced hootenanny of a track, which would turn even the most reluctant of performers into a dancing queen.

Peppered with banjos, bass, harmonica, a fiddle and a mandolin, the album progresses in this high-energy vein until third track “Telegraph”, a whimsical, melancholy piece which showcases lead singer Cory Goldman’s extraordinary vocals.

Further highlights include “London Breakdown”, a vocal-free banjo extravaganza, “I’m Not A Stranger” and “Since You’ve Been Gone” – tracks which would put Dolly Parton, as well as Hank Williams to shame with their descriptions of lyin’ and cheatin’ ways.

It’s modern lyrics about moonshine and relationships, while the music harks back to an older world, and it’s great.

If country-strumming isn’t your bag, then this is an album to avoid.

But, if you like nothing better than to revisit the past for some traditional American folk then make sure catch these guys in Watford or Sarratt, or at the very least get a listen of their music on myspace.

Absolute corker, I’m going to get me a porch.

Check out the band at: or