News this week of the latest developments in the career of This Life Scandal – undoubtedly one of the finest acts to emerge from these parts in recent years.

The Hemel-based four-piece mightn’t have been gigging for a while but they sure as heck haven’t been resting on their laurels.

Indeed, front-man and vocal colossus Chris Biggin has just returned from an extended trip to the USA, where a string of live acoustic sets in San Diego won the band many new fans and, possibly, some major radio play.

Their most exciting news, however, is the lads’ inclusion in forthcoming film Holy Water – a hilarious British made comedy featuring nuns, priests, an armed robbery gone wrong, and £60million worth of stolen Viagra.

Featuring two TLF tracks it won lofty praise at the recent Cannes Film Festivals and is, believe it or not, set for global release.

And, as Chris explains, it could well prove a hit.

“Basically about a bunch of guys who live in a little, devoutly Catholic village in Ireland who end up stealing a truck load of Viagra worth £60million.

“It sounds a bit mad but they basically end up throwing it all into a river and polluting the village’s water supply. You can probably guess what happens next.”

It’s tempting to here (very tempting indeed) to shoe-horn in a few choice schoolboy gags; but after thinking long and hard I’ve given up. I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks.

A more pertinent question, perhaps, is just how the opportunity came about.

“We were playing a gig in Camden a while back and the editor was in the crowd. He said he really liked our stuff and asked us if he could use a couple of our songs.

“The Great Bank Robbery is on the end credits and Cambridge Drive is used in the middle. It was pretty lucky but it’s worked out really well.

“The film looks hilarious and should do pretty well. It’s been sold for global distribution so we hope it will be good exposure for us. Anything that can get our sound out to more people is brilliant”

So what’s next? TLF remain unsigned and thus far have not released an album. Why the hold up?

“We don’t want to release anything or sign anything we’re not happy with,” explains the 26-year-old. “The songs are there for an album but we’re still working on new things and settling down as a band.

“We’ve just released some new demos which have also gone down really well. We’re about to play another set of gigs so we’ll see what happens from there.”

TLF are next in Watford on Monday, August 31, when they will be appearing at the Horns, in Hempstead Road.