Local lads the Perfect Numbers uploaded their track to the Watford Observer Music Charts “to see if anybody liked it.”

Luckily for them our listeners seemed to absolutely love it, with catchy composition Strange romping to the number 1 slot in the second month of our exiting new initiative “We’re delighted that people have rated us so highly,” explained fresh-faced front-man Tim Winward, still a few weeks short of his 17th birthday.

“We’re still finding our feet as a band so it’s great to know there are people out there enjoying what we’re doing.”

The Perfect Numbers, an amalgamation of young mates and musicians from Watford Grammar School, was formed only for a battle of the bands competition and school assembly in December.

There has, I am certain, been some far more rock and roll beginnings in the annals* of music history but that’s not to say the lads lack promise – far from it, in fact.

With a refreshingly clean, competent sound (none of the overdrive ridden, plodding tosh common to many bands of a similar age) the Numbers seem to play with a maturity beyond their years and boast suitably eclectic musical tastes to match.

“We take a lot our influences from older stuff like the Rolling Stones,” adds Tim.

“We like that traditional, clean sound from the sixties and have played a lot of those types of cover in the past. It’s something a lot of people have picked up on and something we’re pretty happy with.

“We’re trying to be a bit different to other young band and do our own thing. We’re not really bothered about trendy haircuts and clothes – just about our music.”

So why choose Strange and what’s it about?

“We think it’s by far the best song we’ve written. We wrote it thinking about what it would be like if we weren’t hear nay more. Would anybody notice the next day? That’s it really.

“We’re in the process of writing a few more songs and will soon release an EP”

So what then? Will university, etc bring this promising project to an end?

“We hope not. At the moment we’re trying to do as much as we can before that. We’re trying to play as many gigs as possible but that can be a problem because of our age. But with every gig we play we learn something new and get better and better.”

*Just in case you were wondering the Perfect Numbers (completed by 17-year-olds Joe Perrott, Josh Unsworth, and Matthew Bennett) took their name from a topic covered in a maths lesson. If you want to know what a perfect number is then Google it. Maths is not my strong point.

2) Good People by Silvertrain 3) Sleep Outside, by Media Hype