They said it couldn’t be done. They said it wouldn’t work. They, my friends, were wrong. The Watford Observer music chart has proved a great success since its launch at the end of April.

Our stated aim of increasing the notoriety of local artists has been born out by some pleasing viewing (and listening) figures – some 7,000 tracks listened to since May 14 alone.

Without further ado, however, allow us to introduce the very first act to be top of the charts – as of the last day in May.

Step forward Chorleywood-base 11-piece The Blues Brothers Banned with their lively (and we mean lively) rendition of Monkey Man, apparently a Ska classic from the 1960s.

The guys and girls, who will again appear again at the Edinburgh Festival later in the year have developed a loyal fan-base at home and abroad in the last couple of years with their infectious, often hectic jazz/blues repertoire.

Inspired (unsurprisingly) by The Blues Brothers the have carved out a reputation, in true Blues Brothers style, for borrowing other people’s tracks and, quite literally, jazzing them up.

Speaking of his chart success 23-year-old Owen Visser, aka Elwood Blues, said: “It’s really great news for us. We think the charts are a great idea. Anything that helps people access local music is good thing.

“I don’t know why it is but people seem to love that song. It’s stupid really – just a song about a man and a monkey, but there you go!”

So what’s next for band? A tour of the UK and Ireland ending (again) at the Edinburgh Festival, but not before they return to Rickmansworth’s Watersmeet on July 19 for a rousing send off. From what I hear of last year’s visit to the popular panto venue it’s a gig not to be missed. Doors 7pm.

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