I don’t know about you but 2009 has got me shaking in my boots; a year filled with doom, gloom, recession, depression, and (let’s face it) unemployment.

Not everybody’s quite so down in the dumps, however.

Step forward Watford four piece Cedar, who promise a much-awaited come-back after six months or so in the wilderness.

The lads, forced apart temporarily by various individual projects, are promising spring-time renaissance characterised by new songs and even a new sound.

“I really never stop writing,” says enthusiastic front-man Matt Churchill. “We’ve finished about 12 new songs – six of which we think are good enough for release.

“We’ve got a pretty loyal fan-base but need to appeal to a wider audience that stretches further than just the Watford scene.”

Released in April last year, their Black Sparks EP was pretty well received, a distinct shift away from the guys’ earlier incarnation as Echo; a more than effective platform for the guys’ thoughtful brand of guitar based muse.

Cedars’ task now, says Matt, is to build on this momentum and succeed where others have failed – cracking the London scene and (shock horror) making a few quid into the bargain.

With a provisional comeback at the Camden Barfly pencilled in for May, Matt looks to the future with confidence.

“I like a challenge,” adds the adds the cheerily optimistic 23-year-old. “I don’t see why we won’t have a good year.

“We all feel like we’ve got a lot more to give; we’ve learned a lot and probably grown up as a band in the last few years with.

“I know some of our earlier stuff was probably rubbish [now there’s honesty] but with the help of Pete Curtis at the Horns – who’s kept having us back – and the guys from the Fullertons we really feel like we’re going in the right direction.

“We’ve had some interest from a couple of record companies but that’s not what it’s all about: we just want to get out there gigging again.

“We’re not going to give up and will keep plugging away. It’s important we don’t lose that spark – that we give it all we’ve got before we call it a day. We’re still only young and, as I said, we like a challenge.”

Well said, Matt