I bring bad news and good as Sound Advice finally returns for 2009.

Firstly, John Martyn died today, man responsible for one of my favourite records - Solid Air Although not much of a surprise – Martyn’s lifestyle, shall we say, had been catching up with him for a number of years – his death really ought to noted.

If you’re not familiar with his stuff and you don’t find the idea of 60s/70s folk too daunting then get yourself online pronto…you know what to do.

Now the good news. After what seem like an eternity away Sound Advice finally returns tomorrow (Friday) to the pages of the WO.

Space has been short of late but I’ve manage (after an artistic hissy fit) to secure a solid half page for the next…well…however long I want it, really.

In a band? Been to a good gig recently? Want to contribute to the site? Give me a shout and let me know at nskinner@london.newsquest.co.uk.