Last year it provided one of the most enjoyable evenings of my musical year, raised a pot load of cash for a jolly good cause, and filled a cracking venue to bursting point.

I’m pleased to say, then, that Oxjam is returning to the Horns.

The event, which raises cash for (you guessed it) Oxfam returns on Tuesday, October 28, bringing together four of the best young acts to grace the ever popular Hempstead Road venue in the last 12 months: Underview, Media Hype, Royal Flush, and an as yet unannounced mystery artist.

If, like me, you normally do your best to avoid charity gigs then you’ll be pleased to learn the following: Children in Need this ain’t – it’s a night of guilt free, belting live music made all the better for donating a few quid to those who need it more than us.

Right, that’s the charity bit out of the way; some details now from impresario, fundraiser-in-chief, Mr Watford music-scene, and all round good egg, Pete Curtis.

Pete, out of interest, missed last year’s gig after catching what’s perhaps best described as a tummy bug.

“We’re going for something a bit different this year. Last year was (I hear) absolutely fantastic so we hope this can prove just as poplar.”

“We’re actually combining the night with a winner’s gig from the Harlequin battle of the bands competition [Won in September by Hemel lads Underview]. We’ve got three of them in and are expecting big things from them all; with a couple of covers thrown in to their sets.

“Denis [landlord Cook] were absolutely blown away by what they did when we judged that competition and we hope the audience will be as well.”

Regular readers should know a little about, at least, two of the line up, but, just in case, I’ve allowed Pete (it saves me the work) to have his say.

In no particular order: * Friends of the Sound Advice page, Underview: “What can you say about these guys? Great lads, great songs, great fun to have in at any time; always right money – people will love these guys.

* More friends of the SA page, Media Hype: Again, what can you say about these guys that’s not already been said? You can always expect the unexpected with them. They’ll keep blindsiding you with a choice harmony, with a really wry lyric or an odd choice of cover. They really engage the audience every time they play. People will love them.

* Royal Flush, still a bit of a mystery even to me: “I like what these guys do a lot. They won’t mind me saying they fit well into the Indie bracket. They’ve got a lot going for them and a bright future.”

If, then, you’re at a loss for Tuesday evening, or even if you’ve got something planned, you could do far worse than an evening of live music.

Doors 8pm, Tickets £3.

*Two supplementary notes: 1) If you’re fresh of face (like me) then bring some ID.

2)There’s no guest list for this event – even for the Watford Observer. I’ll be paying on the door too…and claiming it back on expenses, of course.