The world is going to end on December 21, or at least, that’s what someone who read something about some old calendar seems to think.
Few of us have actually seen this calendar, carved in stone by the Mayans thousands and thousands of years ago, and having seen a picture, I’m certain fewer still could make any sense of it.

It’s got pictures and symbols and cycles and numbers, rounds, long counts and units of time called tzolk’in. Basically it finishes a round on December 21, leading some people to think that the world will explode into a million pieces around about lunchtime.

No more wobbly chairs, no more Cliff Richard, no more over-ripe bananas, no more holes in shoes, basketball, cheesecake or indeed cheese. No nothing when the world ends, except possibly a really loud boom, with no one to hear it. A cosmic Cillit Bang, and the world is gone.

You never did write that novel did you, nor swim with dolphins. The Northern Lights remain unseen, War and Peace unread and the London Marathon unrun. You never even finished that Jonathan Creek box-set. Thinking about it – thank heavens the end is nigh.

To mark this end of days, a collective of Watford musicians, DJs, producers and artists called Unbound Sounds are throwing a non-stop music event, fittingly titled Last Orders.

No matter what you’ve done on this earth, there’s something you’ll enjoy be it DJs playing anything from 2 Tone and reggae to Drum ‘n’ Bass in two rooms, or live music from The Usual Players and Concrete Disco, or the host of MCs taking the mic during the course of the night.

There’s even a ‘Sleighty Mental Magic Man’ entertaining in the bar and live wall art from House of Deville.

“We wanted to put on something a bit different,” says Gareth of Unbound Sounds, “with Christmas and the end of the Mayan Calendar culminating we wanted it to be a night people will really remember and enjoy, so with this in mind we thought we would add some more unusual entertainment to an already stellar line up of performers.”

And though your future may be over in a flash, you can still help the future of others as all profits from the night will be going to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Check out the full list of acts appearing and find out more at Facebook: search Unbound Sounds or Last Orders.

Last Orders is at The Flag, Station Road, Watford on Friday, December 21 from 7.30pm to 1.30am.