Ahead of Watford Comic-Con, this week we asked who your number one comic book character was and you answered in your droves...

1 You voted the caped crusader your number one comic book character and it’s not hard to see why. Excellent at stealth, he’s got a whole range of awesome gadgets, buckets of cash and to top it off looks great in black. All this and he’s just a man. In a rubber suit. KAPOW!

2 Another billionaire making the list, at number two no less, is wealthy industrialist Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Yeah he’s an ego maniac, but he’s a genius inventor too. I mean, look at that suit?! One of our readers suggested he might be up for doing a bit of ironing too.

3 Wonder Woman has stood the test of time as an empowered individual standing up for justice and equality. As one of our readers said: “She's strong, she's brave, she's feisty and fun. Not forgetting her gold accessories, kinky boots and THAT stars and stripes figure -hugging costume, that’s why she’s the greatest.”

4 Peter Parker aka Spiderman is a beacon of hope for Average Joes everywhere. He didn’t seek greatness, he had greatness thrust upon him, courtesy of a spider bite. Adept at climbing walls, he’s a dab hand with a needle and thread, and helps the elderly– his Auntie May. Thankfully he’s more man than spider, otherwise we’d want to hit him with a broom.

5 Not only is Hit Girl a vigilante assassin who fights crime by kicking some serious ass, she’s only ten years old. She doesn’t need weapons, she’s got mad fighting skills. While most girls on the cusp of puberty are worried about spots, boys and fitting in, she’s more concerned as to whether her Glocks are up to scratch.

  • Comic-Con is at Watford Museum, Lower High Street, Watford, on Saturday, July 19, from 5pm to 10pm. Details: 01923 232297, watfordmuseum.org.uk, facebook.com/papermouth