OK, I’ll admit it. When I was offered the chance for a spa day at Whittlebury Hall I was very sceptical.

It just isn’t me. I’d never visited a spa before and I hadn’t planned to visit one in the future.

Now that isn’t down to a sense of machismo. Yes, I would rather spend my Sunday watching the football rather than having a facial but - as my girlfriend would testify - I am not exactly a man’s man.

So with a little bit, or perhaps a lot of convincing, I decided to give Whittlebury Hall, winner of Best Luxury Hotel Spa and Best Luxury Day Spa in the World Luxury Spa Awards 2015, a try.

And I went all in and had the The Day Spa Men’s Top To Toe Day (from £109) while my girlfriend tried a package which included The Day Spa Signature Massage (50 minutes) and an Elemis Skin Specific Facial (50 minutes).

We also decided to stay in the hotel, tried out the three-course dinner at Aston’s and ensured we made the most of the breakfast buffet the following morning, which was perhaps an error given we had the spa to come.

Our room was as you’d expect from a four-star hotel; comfortable, spacious and it had a flat-screen TV. But the mini-bar was empty and given the room was rather warm that a complimentary bottle of water would have been a nice touch.

Our dinner, however, was excellent as was the buffet breakfast the following morning. Go full-English and you won’t be disappointed.

We then headed for the spa. I still wasn’t keen. It was a lovely day and I wanted to spend it outside. But I was coaxed in and, after a few instructions, was changed into a dressing gown and was standing by a hydro-pool.

Once again I wondered how I’d been persuaded to come here. And then if Arsenal were leading Manchester United in the football.

I’d never been in a hydro-pool and was surprised by its warmth. I settled down next to my girlfriend and tried to relax. It wasn’t easy. I felt awkward and out of place. I looked around as everyone enjoyed the facilities on offer and began to feel more at ease, although the massage jets in the pool probably helped.

We tried out the sea-salt sauna which I didn’t enjoy. Far too warm for me. And yes, I am aware that’s the point. I much preferred the ice cold shower and the freezing flannels you could use on your face. A quick dip back in the hydro-pool followed before a visit to the tropical hot room. That was much more relaxing.

We then visited the ice cave. Superman’s Fortress of Solitude it isn’t but there was something cathartic about cleansing yourself with little ice chips.

But it was straight back into the changing rooms and back into our dressing gown. It was time for a 30-minute back, shoulder a neck massage.

Was it relaxing? Yes. Did I wish it was longer? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Did the hole in the table smoosh my face? Yes, but that’s probably more down to me than Whittlebury Hall.

After a buffet lunch, which included a range of pastas, salads and hot food, in our dressing gowns it was time for my girlfriend and I to take a nap.

The hotel has eight water beds to sleep on but, unfortunately, they were all taken. So we headed to a dark relaxation room which was full of padded sun-loungers. We did manage to drift in and out of sleep to the sound of soothing music but a recurring clunky sound overhead somewhat spoiled the relaxed vibe.

By 4pm we were back up and ready for our facials. Again, I didn’t know what to expect. My girlfriend was led away first and I was left waiting. I imagine, looking a little bit lost, confused and sleepy in my gown. Fortunately my beautician, Terri, came over at that point and I was taken away for my treatment.

I knew this lasted an hour so, unaware of protocol, started idly chatting away about nothing much in particular. Terri, to her credit, ensured I remained relaxed but did point out I’d have to stop yapping so she could begin the treatment.

I can’t remember what was used on my face. Several different lotions were slowly rubbed in and masks were carefully applied and then removed - I even got an unexpected foot massage during the treatment.

At the end of it all my face was glowing. I finally felt well and truly relaxed. And I didn’t even care about the football. I can’t think of a greater compliment.

Will I now be heading to the beauticians every week to ensure my face is at its radiant best? No chance.

But what I will say to those people like me - the spa sceptics – is to follow my lead.

Whittlebury Hall gave me the chance to take the plunge, literally, and I am glad I did.

Whittlebury Hall is currently offering a Summer Spa Special for just £89 for two which includes an overnight stay, full use of The Day Spa facilities and Heat and Ice Experiences on day of arrival, full use of The Leisure Club facilities on day of arrival until 11am on day of departure and a full English breakfast.

For details of all packages available visit www.whittleburyhall.co.uk