Clayton’s Marlow is a name that gets mentioned a lot in our Readers Choice suggestions.

They’re regarded as one of the best places in the South of Bucks to have a burger, whilst also being named as one of the best pubs to visit in the county.

Additionally, the Oxford Road eatery recently won a prize at this year’s Brakspear’s Hospitality Awards, which shows that Clayton’s Marlow are making waves in the town.

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To start off, my guest and I opted to have prawns pil-pil (£6.50), honey glazed chipolatas (£6), chicken satay (£6.50), a side of chips (£4) and sweet potato fries (£4).

Ealing Times:

The chipolatas

The prawns were marinated in garlic, chilli & lemon and were served with three slices of buttered bread, the chipolatas were glazed in mustard whilst the marinated were served with a peanut sauce.

Each starter was cooked to perfection.

The prawns were succulent, tender and after just one bite, you can really taste the rich and spicy flavour of the chilli & lemon juice.

The honey chipolatas were smooth in texture and whilst they weren’t the biggest, they certainly made up in taste as like the prawns, they too were rich in flavour.

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The chicken satay, which came with a side of peanut dip, where crispy and succulent.

And you knew they were good because after taking one bite, you could see the steam come from the meat – it was perfect.

Ealing Times:

Moving onto the main, my guest chose the beef burger – a six ounce beef burger with baby gem lettuce, tomato, red onion and gherkin served with a portion of chips and a little bowl of coleslaw, whilst I opted to have a chicken and bacon Caesar salad.

The salad was accompanied with lettuce leaves, croutons, Caesar dressing and shavings of Parmesan, and it was faultless.

The soft chicken and crispy bacon created the perfect blend in a sea of lettuce.

Ealing Times:

The chicken and bacon salad

My guest also thoroughly enjoyed his dish, as he described burger as ‘beautiful’.

The reason for this? He said: “It’s not often you get a burger where the salad sits well with the patty. Most times it’s a mess, but this was the opposite”.

Finally, for dessert, we opted to have a chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The brownie just melted in your mouth.

Ealing Times:

The beef burger

All in all, you can see why Clayton’s Marlow is loved in the town and I highly recommend visiting them.

Ealing Times:

The chocolate brownie