When Bill’s in Marlow revealed their brand-new festive menu, I was licking my lips in anticipation as I knew the dishes weren’t going to be your old-school traditional Christmas meals.

Of course, if you wanted it, you could have your traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings, but looking at the menu, it was a mix of everyday meals with a Christmas twist.

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But before I get onto the food, I must say, Bill’s on Marlow’s West Street is beautifully laid out.

The seating area is very rustic which gives the restaurant a very warm and welcoming feeling.

Additionally, as the restaurant used to be an old grocery shop, the venue has kept many of its roots, as scattered across the eatery are shelves with numerous jam jars amongst other spreads and condiments, which are also available to purchase.

This goes to show that Bill’s are more just than a restaurant.

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For starters, I opted to have a mushroom soup with garlic croutons and chives, with a side of pigs in blanket and garlic bread.

Ealing Times:

The mushroom soup with garlic croutons and chives

For the main, I chose the pigs in blanket macaroni and cheese and for dessert, I decided to have the chocolate orange mousse.

The soup was smooth, light, rich in flavour and with the croutons absorbing the soup, it was the perfect combination to start off the three-course meal.

The pigs in blanket were cooked well done and were incredibly crispy, so they went down a treat and the garlic bread was perfect.

For the main, I was a bit hesitant about ordering the pigs in blanket macaroni and cheese as it was a mix I wasn’t really aware of, but I only needed one mouthful of the dish for it to blow my mind.

Ealing Times:

The pigs in blanket macaroni and cheese

The top of the mac and cheese was crispy, yet the inside was creamy and soft, so similar to my starter, it was again a great blend.

The sausage and bacon were again cooked to perfection and with it being accompanied with salad and cranberry sauce, the main was a mixture of marvellous meat.

Finally, I finished my meal with a pot of chocolate orange mousse.

The dessert consisted of crunchy chocolate crumbs with the mousse being at the bottom of the pot, and at first, I couldn’t really taste the orange.

But after a while, the mousse really kicked in and within seconds, the dessert was gone.

Overall, it was a positive experience at Bill’s in Marlow, and I recommend their brilliant festive menu.

The Christmas menu is available from November 19 to December 31.

For more information about Bill’s Marlow, visit www.bills-website.co.uk.