They are two of the most successful athletes of their generation with two of the most famous celebrations.

So when Mo Farah and Usain Bolt imitated each other's victory salutes following their latest gold medal wins the crowd inside the Olympic Stadium erupted.

British runner Farah secured his second gold of the Games racing to victory in last night's 5,000m final.

Moments after crossing the finish line the Somali-born champion struck the now-famous "Mobot" - bending both hands towards his head in celebration as if forming a letter M.

It was then sprinter Bolt's turn to take the stage, adding his third medal of London 2012 by storming the last leg of the 4x100m relay to bring Jamaica an Olympic gold with a world record time.

To the delight of the crowd the triumphant Bolt, whose javelin victory pose is one of the most recognisable images in athletics, pulled out Farah's signature move seconds after racing to victory.

The record-breaking Jamaican, who won gold in the 100m and 200m finals, had already told Farah he would try out the Briton's distinctive celebration if his team took the Olympic title.

Following the medal ceremonies the sports stars posed together for the cameras with Farah, 29, mimicking Bolt's "Lightning Bolt" celebration with his left arm pointing skyward and the world's fastest man again recreating the Mobot in one of the most memorable moments of the Games so far.

Farah also performed some sit-ups after winning his gold medal in tribute to Bolt, who did press-ups after winning the 200m title.

He said that Bolt copying his trademark move was "awesome".

"It is a big respect, the guy has broken the world record and is doing the Mobot," Farah said.

"It is unbelievable, who would have thought that? The guy is a legend. I've known Usain for a long time and what he's doing for the sport is amazing.

"It's what we need, he's just a character. I think we take him for granted, we're not going to see a legend like him again."

Referring to his post-match sit-ups, he added: "I thought that was something for the crowd and something for the sport.

"Bolt did his press-ups last night so I thought I'd do some sit-ups to match it."

Showman Bolt, a triple Olympic gold medallist in consecutive Games, said: "I said to him even before the Olympics I was going to do that when I get to the Olympics, but it slipped (my mind) the first two times because I was so happy that I won.

"But before I came out I watched his 5,000m and so made sure I did that.

"Me and Mo, we go way back to when I started out, we have the same agent, and it was a joyful thing to see him winning that double. It was wonderful."