Olympic squad member Lawrence Okoye is leading a campaign for cardiac screening.

Okoye, who holds the British discus record and is a medal prospect at the 2012 Games, was inspired to help the campaign after 16-year-old Oluwatobi Adeyemi, from his former school Whitgift, died suddenly last year.

The 20-year-old features in four short films, following his journey through the cardiac screening process, as part of charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (Cry).

Sudden cardiac arrest became a worldwide topic earlier this year when Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba suffered a attack during an FA Cup match – miraculously surviving the incident.

Consultant cardiologist, Professor Sanjay Sharma, said: “This year the eyes of the sporting world will be on London as it hosts the Olympics and it is great that just weeks before the event kicks off we will have an opportunity to speak and communicate to the public about an issue which is so crucial to athletes, especially those who compete professionally.”