As soon as Kaylan Huisman-Muro had learned to walk, the next natural step was to follow in his father’s footsteps and try out a pair of skis.

Mastering the art at just two years old, it’s been a lifelong love affair for the Sevenoaks youngster ever since as he prepares to take on the country’s best and brightest at this month’s English Alpine Skiing Championships.

With huge ambitions of one day competing against the world’ best and even going to a Winter Olympics, the Radnor House student says he is eager to exhibit his talent in the Super-G, slalom and giant slalom events in Bormio.

“I was only two when I started skiing and I was racing already by the time I was seven. It was like as soon as I had learned to walk, I was then straight onto the skis,” said the 15-year-old.

“My dad was also a keen skier and then we joined an Austrian racing team just for a couple of races with locals here and there. Then I moved on to British racing.

“The English Championships are a great competition to be involved in. I always look forward to it every year.

“I have had a couple of victories at the event, a couple of podiums and a rather large amount of races that I haven’t finished.

“That’s just how ski racing goes, but every year I come back hoping to be stronger and fitter than ever.

“I have to bring my A game to every race, so I just have to see how it goes this year.”

The English Alpine Championships, where Olympian Dave Ryding started his career before competing in the World Cup, is one of the biggest annual competitions in the skiing calendar.

But while Ryding can devote every moment to mastering his craft, Huisman-Muro has had to face the difficult balancing act of training, competitions and his school exams.

However, like any elite athlete, the Ambition Racing Club member is planning on attacking his GCSEs in exactly the same vain as he’d attack the slopes – head on.

“For any athlete performing at a high level, the balance between competing and exams are quite difficult to manage. I would say that so far, I am doing OK,” said Huisman-Muro, ahead of the Championships starting on February 17.

“I’m trying my hardest and I will have to see how it goes at the end of the year.

“My aims are to be more consistent in my skiing, have fewer DNFs and of course to win as much as possible.

“My aims are the same as every athlete. The Olympics would be wonderful, but I love skiing, I love everything about it and I just want to produce and see how far I can get into it. The Europa Cup, the World Cup, everything like that would be wonderful.”

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