MARTIN and Lin Thomas’s son Daniel tragically lost his high-profile and courageous battle with cancer just weeks ago – and now the couple have vowed to keep his legacy alive.

Daniel documented his battle with a rare form of the disease on YouTube under the name PeeWeeToms, gaining over 150,000 subscribers since he joined the site in January - passed away in October from sarcomatoid carcinoma.

But as founders of sporting charity In-2-Biking, which provides bikes for young people with physical and learning disabilities, Martin and Lin are looking to continue his legacy, both online and on the saddle.

“Daniel was very active; up until a few months before he passed away he was constantly coming to where we ride in the local park, as well as the project that we run, on an electric skateboard and zooming around the town with that,” said Martin.

“It was just such an encouragement for lots of people to try and keep active even though they’re not well.”

Lin continued: “I think that’s why it’s so interesting to do the cycling as well, because it doesn’t matter what ability you’ve got, it can help you in so many ways and keep you active.

“Our son was down using the bikes and doing different things, just enjoying being out even though he wasn’t well.

“A tribute to all of us I feel; when we moan and groan we need to think a little bit more about things.”

Founded three years ago, the charity has gone from strength to strength, with Lin and Martin catering for all needs with an array of different cycles.

Now possessing of the largest fleet of adapted bikes in north Somerset, In-2-Biking has already touched the lives of many, and for Martin and Lin, it has been worth every moment.

“We’ve got cycle coaches, a number of volunteers who have either physical or learning disabilities, so they’re part of our team,” Lin said.

“It’s a really fun place to be and everybody enjoys it, and we’ve seen such progression over time from our young people and adults, from being anxious about even getting on a bike to actually riding and then progressing perhaps to a two wheel from a three wheel.

“For some it’s just an outing and something to come to. It’s lovely to see the faces and smiles, and parents and carers getting involved.”

TSB and Sport for Development charity, Sported, have come together to help local community groups like In-2-Biking use the power of sport to make a positive difference to young people and the communities they are part of.  With their support, In-2-Biking will become stronger over time, so they can help even more local young people.

And with the spiralling costs of the bikes inherently vital to the work that Lin and Martin do, help from TSB and Sported has always proved significant.

“Sported were our first mentors who came and encourage us with our project,” continued Lin.

“With their help and support we were able to lever in other funds, because we needed quite a substantial amount to set the club up, because some of the bikes were very expensive.

“We’re very thankful for their involvement and their belief in us, because they were the first people who came on board and helped us.”

TSB, in partnership with Sport for Development charity Sported, is proud to help local community groups across the UK use the power of sport to make a positive difference to young people and the communities they are part of. #TSBLocalPride