Ronnie O’Sullivan says Barry Hearn can ban him tomorrow and he wouldn’t contest the decision of the World Snooker boss.

O’Sullivan has this week booked his place in the last eight of the UK Championship for the 17th time and courted controversy by airing proposals for a Champions League-style breakaway tour.

The six-time UK Championship winner was unruffled by Hearn’s threats to boot him off the tour and revealed he has muted the Matchroom chief on Twitter.w

“If he [Hearn] wants to ban me tomorrow then I have already accepted that decision. I would rather walk away than live in fear”, said O’Sullivan, who celebrated his 43rd birthday on Wednesday

“I don’t really worry what Barry says anymore. He is on mute on Twitter – I just don’t really have him in my thinking.

“I do what I have to do I enjoy playing and competing and if he wants to do what he wants to do then so be it.

“I’ve said it on Twitter and I have said it out there – what do you want me to do? Tattoo it on my forehead?

“Either make the tweaks that will benefit everybody or don’t make the tweaks – I still have to be proactive in what I do – my gut feeling is that nothing will change.”