Every parent wants to see their child’s dreams come true and there wasn’t a prouder mum in Glasgow as Helen Saunders watched her son take to the tennis court with Andy Murray.

Thanks to SSE Reward, Helen’s 14-year-old son Euan and his friend, Archie Cockburn, enjoyed a tennis clinic with three-time Grand Slam champion Murray, alongside his brother Jamie and mother Judy.

It all came as part of Andy Murray Live, a charity match featuring a headline singles match between Murray and eight-time Wimbledon victor Roger Federer.

After the clinic, Helen and her family sat down to enjoy the action unfold at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro, a match in which Federer donned a kilt before defeating Murray 6-3 3-6 10-6.

And for the cognitive behavioural therapist, they couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

“It was really thrilling to see the boys playing with Andy,” Helen said.

“When we won, I didn’t really believe it for a couple of days, I was so shocked, so I didn’t actually tell the boys.

“They were absolutely thrilled and have been so excited for this, so it was really great to see them having fun.

“I missed the announcement of Andy Murray Live, and of course by the time I realised, the tickets had all gone.

“I was looking at all the different ways I’d be able to get tickets, and I happened to come across the SSE Reward website and decided to give it a go. I can’t quite believe what we’ve ended up with!

“It’s been a real pleasure to see the boys out there, with the Murrays and the other players. It looked so friendly and relaxed.

“This was the ultimate goal for them, to get to stand next to Andy Murray.”

SSE Reward gives customers a range of benefits at its venues in Glasgow, Belfast and London, including access to ticket pre-sales and exclusive prizes.

Helen was the recipient of the Family Package at Andy Murray Live, which included two signed tennis balls and accommodation as well as the two coaching places.

“I think it’s an amazing thing for SSE to do. We would never have been here if it hadn’t been for SSE, so we’re completely thrilled,” she said.

“They look after their customers really well and this is wonderful for us.

“I think the family aspect of this prize is great. It’s great fun, it’s rewarding, and it’s such a positive event.

“Although I think the boys would have loved to have been on the end of one of Andy’s serves!”

SSE, the energy behind Andy Murray Live 2017 returns for a second year to The SSE Hydro in Glasgow. SSE do more for their customers, providing access to exclusive sport and entertainment reward offers.