A mother and son combo from East Finchley will be the centre of attention next month as they take to the streets of London for the penny farthing race at the Rapha Nocturne.

The festival of cycling, which takes place on June 10, features nine races before the elite men and women compete for two hours of flat-out racing as the sun goes down.

Alongside a folding bike race, fixed gear contests and a contest to find the fastest company in the Square Mile, the penny farthing race is one of the main attractions of the day.

The riders race ten laps around the 1.3km circuit, which sees the field pass St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England, with the finish line on Cheapside.

Ten-year-old Stan Harrington will lead the parade lap of the penny farthing race, with mum Patsy competing in the race behind him.

And the 48-year-old cannot wait to get back riding in front of the crowds that first inspired her to take up penny farthing racing.

“It’s a very exciting race. The reason I got my bike it because I went to watch the Nocturne in 2013 – we all went to watch it as a family and I thought it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen,” she said.

“So I thought I had to get myself a bike. And a year later I was doing it.

“The variety of people racing seemed amazing. There were young, super racers, then slightly older guys riding too, some not as fit.

“Some were dressed more comically, some quite sporty – it just seemed open for everyone. It seemed like it was still a serious race but also open for lots of people.

“You didn’t seem to have to be a champion to ride, so I thought I might have a go.”

After that inspiring Nocturne spectator experience Patsy made her debut in 2014 and has raced every year since.

She in turn inspired Stan and he first led the parade lap in 2015, atop his own penny farthing, before signalling the final lap of the race.

“I did a lap in front of the field a couple of years ago. It was a bit scary because there was lots of people watching,” he said.

“But I was very excited about it, and it was great fun going round.

“Then afterwards I got to ring the bell for the last lap and I’m really looking forward to it again this year.

“I do like penny farthings to ride. I could already ride a bike before I started riding the penny farthing.

“When I first started it, it was quite hard, but it’s a bit easier now because I know how to do it.”

The Rapha London Nocturne – a unique free to attend festival of cycling featuring the world’s most prestigious Criterium race – is coming to the City of London on 10 June. Visit www.raphanocturne.com for further information.