AN Ealing costume designer received an award from two war heroes following a gruelling trek to join injured soldiers at Mount Everest Base Camp.

Emily Stranger, 28, carried messages of support to the soldiers, who were scaling Everest as part of the fund-raising for charity Walking with the Wounded.

While with the team, she joined them for the world’s highest-ever whisky tasting, at 17,598 ft, which was broadcast live around the world.

Adventurous Emily was reunited with two of the soldiers she met at the camp. They praised her support and efforts.

Captain Martin Hewitt, of Widnes, who was shot through the chest and shoulder while serving with the Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan, said: “Being in the Himalayas is an isolated existence, so when Emily and the Glenfiddich Pioneers joined us it was a huge morale boost - having that outside contact and the link to home.”

The opportunity came after winning a national competition to become part of the inaugural Glenfiddich Pioneers Club expedition.

“It really was the chance of a lifetime - something I never thought I’d get the chance to do,” said Emily.

“The wounded soldiers are truly an inspiration and prove what can be achieved against the odds. It’s an honour to be presented with this award. I’m delighted.”