I WAITED for 30 minutes for the 65 at the bus stop by South Ealing Tube on Tuesday at 8am.

At 8.30, there was no sign of it so I and other passengers were forced to walk.

Throughout the duration of my walk, following the route of the 65 via Ealing Broadway, I never saw any sign of a bus, so I can only conclude this service was more than 45-50 minutes late.

The inconvenience was ridiculous. I am 70 with Grade 4 arthritis in both my knees and my lower spine.

I was going to expensive physo appointment at 9am in North Ealing. Consequently, I was extremely late, quite exhausted and in even more pain.

What a contrast to later in the day when I went to catch a tube at Ealing Broadway.

A District line train was taken out of service because of a technical problem, but the staff could not do enough to apologise and ensure a substitute train was brought quickly into service and the timetable changed to accommodate us all.

The managers, and sullen staff who manage and drive the 65 route would be well advised to review their appalling attitude and service.

They should show some consideration for the hardship and expense being caused to its passengers who have no option but to try to rely on its advertised service.

It is their job to offer a service, regardless of roadworks.


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