HYACINTH MALCOLM, from Acton, came to London 45 years ago and started a large family, of whom she is the only original Jamaican.

Now she lives in a supported residential home but is empowered by her fascination with art and knitting.

Hyacinth is living proof that a rich and fulfilling cultural life can be had for those with sight loss. "My sight is going but my brain is active," she says.

A new film on 1000londoners.com follows Hyacinth as she attends a knitting class.

While her sight has been deteriorating, she has experienced a heightened sensitivity to texture.

She is a keen visitor of art galleries and finds knitting relaxing and therapeutic, even though her own prejudice told her initially it would be boring!

Hyacinth is a new documentary, directed by Nick Shaw for Chocolate Films. It will be available online at 1000londoners.com from tomorrow (Thursday).

1000 Londoners is the biggest documentary series ever made about a city. You can visit www.1000londoners.com and watch a range of three-minute stories, including Ted, inside the Royal Hospital with a cheeky Chelsea Pensioner, Moira, the first female Beefeater at the Tower of London, and Griff, who sells replica guns in Highgate.