THIS week you published an article about my rescue dog, Ryna, being lost, for which I thank you so much.

I am happy to say she has now been returned home, having been caught by a member of the public in W2 and collected by the dog warden in the area.

I have had a lot of sightings reported to me, via numerous means (social media, posters, flyers, your newspaper article, vet, websites and police).

Now that normal life has returned, I am working on a map to show where she went during her week of freedom. She has been to North Ealing, South Ealing, Ealing Broadway, Turnham Green, Shepherds Bush and Paddington.

I have had reports of her running on the central reservation of the A4 and I saw her myself take the slip road up to the A40M London-bound.

I have been involved with Romanian dog rescue for some time and this story, which has a happy ending, nonetheless hints at the horrors happening in that country.