THAMES Water has apologised for the disruption caused by a burst water main in Ealing Broadway today. An estimated 4,000 homes and around 30 businesses were affected.

The statement in full reads: "A 30in water main burst in Ealing around 7.30 this morning. This shut The Broadway at the junction with The Mall.

"Engineers re-routed water around the network but an issue with a pumping station hampered our efforts to restore water to the affected customers "We are very sorry for the inconvenience."

Fire crews pumped water away from 30 stores in the Broadway and used sandbags to control the flow.

Thames Water said about 600 customers were without water for about five hours.

Supplies to homes and businesses were gradually restored during the late afternoon.

Bottled water was handed out to householders during the day from a point at the junction of Mattock Lane and Culmington Road.