AN Ealing woman who gave birth in her front garden has praised the support of her neighbours who helped to safely deliver her baby.

Jade Staiano, 32, of Summerfield Road, Pitshanger, gave birth to Olivia in her car at 8.23am last Friday, half an hour after her contractions began. She and her husband, Howard, were preparing to drive to the hospital.

Mrs Staiano, a civil servant, said: “I got in the car, but it was so painful that I couldn’t sit down. I could feel her coming.”

Her waters broke at 7am, shortly after being woken by her 18-months-old son, Josiah. Her contractions began at 7.50.

Mr Staiano, an investment banker, 34, called the ambulance shortly afterwards, but the line was cut off.

Within minutes, several neighbours and a tradesman working on a house nearby, rallied round to deliver the baby.

First on the scene was John, an electrician from J & R Electricals, who moved Mrs Staiano off the street and into her car, in between contractions. A quick-thinking neighbour knocked on the door of a midwife.

Mrs Staiano said: “By chance, a lady over the road whose daughter, a doctor, was staying overnight, came out after hearing my screams.”

The doctor helped deliver the baby while receiving guidance from a paramedic over the phone.

Two ambulances arrived shortly after the birth and guided Mr Staiano as he cut the umbilical cord.

Unfazed, Mr Staiano said: “It felt natural. It was only afterwards that we felt a little overwhelmed. ”

He added: “We didn’t really have time to consider the complications.”

A maternity nurse, who arrived during the action, confirmed that Olivia, who weighed 10.2 lbs, was healthy.

The birth was met by a chorus of cheers from a group of builders around the corner, who called out: “It’s a girl.”

Mother and baby were taken to Ealing Hospital shortly afterwards.

Mrs Staiano said: “What touched us was that we don’t really know all our neighbours but they stopped their day to come and help us.”

Mum and baby are recovering well and will be attending a party next week, which is being organised specially for Olivia, by the Pitshanger Playcentre.