NORTHFIELDS resident Stuart Pound is the winner of the eighth Ealing Open art prize for his film entry, titled Run.

The chairman of Pitzhanger Manor Trust, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, announced the result at a ceremony at Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery last week.

Sir Sherard said: “I chose Run because it met my criteria of a high degree of creativity and a lot of craftsmanship.”

Run appropriates images from DVDs of Hollywood action films, bought in charity shops, to create a semi‐abstract animation.

Asked what inspired his piece, Mr Pound said: “I never have any inspiration. It's just hard work getting things made.”

He was presented with a prize of £100 in art vouchers by Brian Davis, owner of For Arts Sake in Bond Street, Ealing.

Mr Pound said he would use the prize money either to buy jewellery for his partner or to have some of his old paintings framed.

Since the early 1970s, he has worked in film, digital video and the visual arts in London, and his work has been screened regularly at international film and video festivals.

Professional and amateur artists living, working or studying in the borough were invited to submit one piece of artwork for display at Ealing Open 2014 in May and June.