DERMATOLOGY patients in Ealing are set to benefit from a new service that gives them access to specialist appointments for diagnosis and treatment plans without having to attend a hospital.

The service enables patients to be seen in the community, and the use of digital technology means a consultant dermatologist can assess their condition and return the diagnosis and treatment recommendations to the patient’s GP.

The community service has been introduced by Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as part of its ‘out of hospital’ strategy, which aims to deliver care closer to people’s homes where appropriate.

It is available at Ealing Park Health Centre, Hill View Surgery and Queen’s Walk Surgery. Two more locations are currently being chosen in Acton and Southall.

Dr Mohini Parmar, Ealing CCG chair, said: “Once patients are in the clinic they will have their skin assessed, give a medical history and have a photo or scan of the affected areas of skin using a digital camera.

“This will be sent to a consulting dermatologist, who will make a diagnosis and return this to the GP within two days with a recommendation for treatment and what kind of medications can be used.

“There is no doubt borough residents will benefit from this new service, which will make a real difference to the diagnosis of skin problems.”