BRITISH architecture photographer Richard Pare will guide visitors through an exhibition of his work at Ealing’s Pitzhanger Manor on Saturday, April 26.

The exhibition, titled Living Laboratory: Richard Pare on Le Corbusier & Konstantin Melnikov, opened on March 21 at PM Gallery and House, Ealing.

Mr Pare’s photography features the works of 20th Century modernist architects Le Corbusier and Konstantin Melnikov.

The photographer, who is scheduled to lead the guided tour at 2pm, said: “I hope I will be able to set the work in context and, at the same time, expand on the thought processes that go into such an undertaking.

“The work is so well known that it makes it a great challenge to bring something original to my vision of the structures as they stand now.”

Mr Pare is halfway through his work on a book that examines Le Corbusier’s structures, estimated for publication in 18 months.

Mr Pare says he hopes visitors will share his admiration for the achievement of both architects.

The exhibition runs until May 11.