IT all started with a conversation between Amy Calver, of Clarence and Alabama Vintage Inspired Dresses (@clarence_alabam), and Carlene Bender, of Contact Us Ealing Magazine (@ContactusEaling).

Both Ealing business owners and fans of Twitter, the pair were chatting about having an hour dedicated to Ealing on the social media platform.

Many cities or areas will host an hour dedicated to local goings-on but Ealing had never had an established Ealing Hour. Until now.

They asked estate agents Northfields Estates (who tweet using the handle @Northfieldslive) if they would host Ealing Hour.

With three out of five of their West London offices based in the borough, Northfields was happy to oblige.

Marketing manager Colleen Babcock said: “We’re always happy to find ways to give back to our community and to help bring Ealing people together.

“It’s important to understand that Ealing Hour is not about just our business. It’s about the residents, charities and businesses of Ealing.”

If you are not a Twitter user, the whole thing can seem a bit of a mystery, but basically Ealing Hour is where one hour is dedicated to people who tweet about Ealing.

Every Tuesday from 8-9pm, anyone who wants to tweet about borough-related topics can join the conversation using the hashtag #ealinghour. Using the hashtag allows all the other Ealing tweeters to find each other.

Anyone with a Twitter account can get their voice heard whether they want to air their concerns on local issues, get the latest news, promote their business or publicise a charity event.

Tweeters involved in the first Ealing Hour included churches, politicians, businesses and passionate residents.

Jump on to Twitter every Tuesday, 8-9pm, and tweet something Ealing-related. Be sure to use the hashtag #EalingHour.

If you want to become involved with Ealing Hour, you can access a list of participants via the Northfields Estates profile on Twitter, using the handle @Northfieldslive and clicking on “Lists”.

You’ll find a list called “Ealing Hour” that collects tweets from all the #EalingHour participants who asked to be included.

If you are not currently on this list and would like to be included, tweet @Northfieldslive.

Visit the Northfields blog for more information.