THE over-development of West London continues apace.

Southall Gasworks regeneration(with its 3,750 new homes) is bound to lead to even more traffic congestion than the town suffers fnow.

This will, however, be dwarfed by the aptly-named Park Royal City, with its 12,500 new homes and 115,000 new jobs.

How many more gallons are to be poured into the pint pot?

Just what effect is this going to have on the traffic on already-congested roads?

Think how much worse it would get with a third runway at Heathrow.

There was a mega-traffic jam the other week on the A4. Will this be the norm for West London in future?

I do wonder why Ealing Council isn't more exercised over the prospect of Heathrow expansion.

There doesn't appear to be anything on its website about it since a resolution it passed in 2012.

It seems much more concerned about the possibility of Boris Island and Heathrow being closed, even to the extent of producing a report on the subject, along with Slough and Hounslow.

It must realise that Boris Island is a fantasy and that Heathrow will never be shut - a red herring if ever there was one.

Scaremongering about the future of the airport is, of course, an integral part of Back Heathrow's campaign.

Curious isn't it that Ealing Council should produce a report on that, but not one on the devastating impact that a third runway would have on the borough.

I also can't help noticing that Ealing's representatives no longer attend meetings that are regularly being held about the third runway .

I might be forgiven for thinking that it is actually in favour of it


Wimpole Road

West Drayton