ALEX Nieora, is hoping to build on his community work to become an independent voice for Perivale in this year's Ealing borough elections.

Mr Nieora, 30, chairman of North Ealing Against HS2 since January 2012, is planning to stand as an Independent candidate on May 22.

He said: “Because of my HS2 campaign, but also after helping to organise the Perivale Music and Light Festival last November (attended by 1,500 people) and other campaign work I have done, I now have a great following in Perivale.”

Perivale is currently represented by two Labour and one Conservative councillors.

Each of Ealing’s 23 wards will be able to elect three candidates to represent them on the currently Labour-run council.

Mr Nieora said he dislikes the tribalism of party politics, preferring instead community initiatives and local co-operative action.