A NORTHOLT man was sentenced to a year in prison after five breaches of an anti-social behaviour order, which aimed to prevent him from making excess noise at his home.

A court heard that Ryan Elliott, of Greenhill Gardens, played excessively loud music, as well as shouting, banging and throwing his possessions.

An injunction was issued after he consistently ignored warnings from officers, following the seizure of his stereo, speakers and television.

He was not allowed to have more than three people in his house at once or to communicate with his neighbours.  

This is the first time the council’s noise nuisance team has worked to bring a housing anti-social behaviour case to court.

Council leader Julian Bell said: “This type of behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and, as Mr Elliott has found out, can lead to a jail sentence.”

Residents affected by a noise nuisance can seek advice and report an issue via the council's website or by calling 020 8825 8111.