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Name: Chi Onwurah

Candidate for: Newcastle upon Tyne Central

Party: Labour

Votes: 15,694


Chi Onwurah was born in Wallsend, and I grew up in the constituency I’m now standing for, Newcastle Central. My father was a medical student from Nigeria and my mother a Geordie, and a Labour party member and activist. As a young baby my father took us to live Nigeria, just before the Biafran war, but my mother had to bring us back because of famine caused by the fighting.

We returned to Newcastle with nothing. We were housed by the council, in North Kenton and I went to Hillsview infants. Growing up, there were only two real subjects of discussion at home, politics and football. My Mum made sure we understood that the council housing, the good schools down the road, the NHS, they don’t happen by accident, they were fought for by working men and woman.

Thanks to Kenton School I was able to win a place to study Engineering in London and for the last 23 years I’ve worked as an Engineer in the UK, France, America and Africa. I believe that the North East can be at the forefront of a new, green industrial revolution, if the public and private sectors work together. Newcastle needs continued investment in schools, hospitals and good quality affordable housing. Only a Labour government can make the difficult choices to come in the interests of working people. Together we can build a fairer future for Newcastle Central.