A WOMAN is calling for a consultation on a massive Ealing development to be extended after she was sent three empty envelopes instead of consultation documents.

Last Monday around 60,000 homes across the borough were sent the consultation documents by Ealing Council for the Arcadia development in Ealing Broadway.

However, when Lorena Martin, of Cawdor Crescent, Boston Manor, opened the three envelopes which dropped through her letterbox she was left baffled as they were all empty.

She said “I opened them up but none of them had anything in. It was very strange as I didn't know what it was about. They said 'Information about the Arcadia Application” and had Ealing Council's website on them, but nothing else.

“When I spoke to my neighbour she said they had received two empty envelopes as well.

“I rang the council but the woman there did not know anything about the Arcadia Application either.”

It was only through an article in last week's Ealing Times that Mrs Martin discovered what was supposed to be in the envelopes.

The application is for new more than 500 new flats and shops in the very heart of Ealing She said: “ My question is how many people have actually received empty envelopes instead of then necessary information to provide an informed opinion? How many people have received nothing?

“The deadline should be moved forward to allow people time to respond to the application.”

To read more about the Arcadia plans click the link on the right.

Should the deadline for applications be extended? Leave your views below.