A SOUND mastering engineer and his colleagues  are searching for the owner of a cat they rescued from under their building in Acton.

Duncan Cowell and his workmates have nursed the cat and her three kittens back to health from near starvation since September 3 and now hope to reunite the owner with the lost pet.

At first, the cats stayed hidden, unreachable under the building. However, after giving them many cans of cat food, Mr Cowell managed to coax them into the building, where they now reside in a makeshift bed - made up of a blanket in a box.

The cat was wearing a collar without information on it. He will be taking her to the vet this week to check for a micro-chip in her ear.

Mr Cowell believes she could have come from the Harlesden-Park Royal-North Acton area.

“We're happy to keep her and find good homes for the kittens if her owner doesn't come forward,” he said.

If you recognise this cat, please contact Duncan Cowell at: duncan@soundmastering.com or 020 8961 1741