RENOVATION plans for Gunnersbury Park received further backing from the Heritage Lottery Fund this week.

Ealing and Hounslow’s strategies to redevelop the park had already been rewarded with an initial grant of £321,000, and this has been followed by a second of £386,400 for an improved museum.

The boroughs hope to restore the museum in the park’s Georgian mansion, in addition to celebrating Gunnersbury’s 2026 centenary by improving its landscape and facilities to make it more sustainable.

If approval for further development is granted, there could be a further £7.7m to put it into practice.

Wesley Kerr, Chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund London Committee, said the museum’s 40,000 artefacts were a remarkable collection alongside the mansion’s Victorian kitchen. However, the building was deteriorating and seriously at risk.

Julian Bell, Leader of Ealing Council, said: “Our residents regard Gunnersbury with a huge amount of affection, so it’s great to know we are a step closer to preserving it for future generations.”