Multiple sclerosis victims in Ealing are urged to get in touch with the borough's Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The society estimates that only half of the 400 people affected by the condition in the Ealing Borough are getting support by the society for their condition which damages the central nervous system and has unpleasant symptoms such as pain, debilitating balance problems, fatigue and loss of muscle strength and dexterity.

Mike Twomey, chairman of the Society, said: "Our group knows of roughly 200 people affected by MS, but it's clear to us that there are a lot of local people out there living with MS who may be unaware of our work. It's these people we're hoping to track down and offer our help.

"Naturally, some of these people may not require help or be interested in contact with us, or may have circumstances which prevent much interaction with our group, but we'd like the chance to extend the hand of friendship and assistance where we can."

He added: "We'd also encourage carers of MS sufferers to contact us if they'd like assistance or the opportunity to meet and socialise with others in the same position."

To get in touch with the Ealing Multiple Sclerosis Society contact Mike Twomey on 020 8998 8217 or 07985779027.

What is MS

MS is the result of damage to a substance called myelin, a protective sheath surrounding the nerve fibres in the central nervous system. When the myelin is damaged, it interferes with the messages between the brain and other parts of the body.

It affects 85,000 people in the UK

Its causes are unknown

It's usually diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40, but it can be later

It is more common in women than men The MS Society's free helpline is 0808 800 8000 or visit the website at