HUNDREDS of residents attended a rally against the controversial West London Tram most of them knew very little about the scheme.

Anti-tram protesters Save Ealing's Streets held the event on Haven Green in central Ealing on Saturday, July 3rd, to coincide with the beginning of Transport for London's public consultation on the £625 million project.

More than 1,100 people attended the rally but most of them knew very little about the plans for the tram which could run between Shepherds Bush to Uxbridge via Ealing.

Tracy Evans of SES, said: "We were pleased that the event attracted people who didn't know about the tram.

"People need to understand why this isn't the right scheme for west London and we want people to have this information before they fill in their consultation documents."

Ealing Friends of the Earth, who held a pro-tram rally also on Haven Green on Saturday, believes that it is wrong to assume all of those who attended were against the tram but instead were there to get information on the scheme.

Christine Eborall, of Ealing FOE, said: "A lot of the people were there to find out about the tram rather than to support SES and they came across to us and looked at our statistical information."

Speakers on the day included London Assembly members Lynne Featherstone, Richard Barnes and Peter Hulme-Cross.

A spokesman for Transport for London was encouraged by the number of people who were trying to get information on the tram, but believes a lot of people do actually know about the project.

She said: "Awareness of the West London Tram proposal is very high. During a recent poll by independent group ORC International 72 per cent of people interviewed were aware of the West London Tram proposal.

"TfL hopes people will understand the WLT proposals more if they take part in the public consultation."