A PRESSURE group says the time has come to say no to the tram after unsuccessful attempts to compromise.

Save Ealing's Streets has decided to oppose the West London Tram after holding a meeting of 30 residents' groups representing communities from throughout the route.

Tracy Evans, of SES, said: "The time has come to say no to the tram. We've spent two years making constructive suggestions about how the scheme could be improved to meet the needs and concerns of the people of west London.

"It's obvious TfL isn't listening, and if it's not prepared to modify and implement a scheme that is harmonious with the local environment then we have no alternative but to oppose it."

The pressure group has been working tirelessly with Transport for London to ensure traffic is not diverted through residential streets to make way for the £425 million tram by the closure of the main Uxbridge Road.

Mrs Evans added: "After two years of trying to work with TfL we don't believe it is genuinely interested in putting in a scheme that will benefit the residents of west London.

"TfL asked for the community's views, and we've given them and come up with alternatives to road closure. It's obvious that the Mayor just wants to drive this scheme through and doesn't care about the views of local people."

Transport for London has held consultations with residents' groups outlining their plans for the tram which could run between Shepherds Bush and Uxbridge, via Ealing.

A TfL spokesman said: "TfL has considered alternatives to road closures, and as a result, the number of closures in the proposal has been reduced. The TfL Board has agreed public consultation on the West London Tram should proceed. The consultation about West London Tram will start in summer 2004 and will last for three months."