Very rarely do you get a production that makes you laugh, cry and laugh again, all in one go. Luckily for director Mark Fitzgerald, The Visit, does just that.

It is the early 1900s and Gullen Town has been struck by poverty. Factories, shops and all services have come to a halt. Residents have no money to spend and everyone is feeling the pinch. The only hope they have is a millionaire: Claire Zacchanassian, who a previous resident of the town, has offered to give millions to the town, on one twisted condition. The residents are disgusted and reject the idea, but can money overturn their decision?

The Visit is a great piece of work with lavish designs sets and great performances. The leads do immense justice to their roles and the supporting cast add to this perefction.

Of the leads, it is Rahul Nath as the Burgomaster, that steals the show. Once again he is transformed and looks completely different. His body posture, dialogue delivery and stage presence are out of this world. He manages to inject all the laughter and anger when on stage. He is missed when he is off stage, but his scenes make up for it when he returns. Mark Fitzgerald, has somewhat brought another side of this talented actor.(subsequently, Nath has signed Fitzgeralds next production) Alex Mcdevitt proves that you should never write off an actress beacuse of her age. She looks beautiful and adds elegance as Claire. Her journey is amazing ad she provides all the demanding mixed emotions, for her character with ease.

Stephen Kavanagh has little to do in the first act, but bounces back in the later acts. He is visually perfect as Schill, and handles his scenes with great power, as though he is not acting It is not a surprise with all said, that this production has been sold out for its first two weeks. With great dialogue and even greater performances, pay a visit