A COMMUNITY action group has criticised new plans for a key town centre development.

A 26-storey tower is among the proposals laid out in a revised application by Irish developer Glenkerrin for the Arcadia site in Ealing Broadway, scaled down from the original 40-storey tower envisaged for the area.

However, Nick Woolven, the chairman of community group Save Ealing's Centre (SEC) set up to oppose plans for the Arcadia and Dickens Yard site, has slammed the three-week public consultation period on the project.

He said: “It looks like they are trying to push this thing through as quickly as possible in the same way the Dickens Yard application was rushed through.

“We still have massive reservations about the plans, although the tall building is shorter at 26 storeys it's still massive.

“All the other objections we had about the density and scale of development still stand, and they have not done anything to address these.”

Last week the Dickens Yard site behind the town hall was approved for a development that will see 700 new homes built there, as well as a 14-storey building.

The new Arcadia plans would see 567 homes built on the shopping centre site, as well as a number of shops, offices and cafes.

Mr Woolven continued: “If this project is given the green light the combined effect will be an increase by around a quarter of the number of homes in central Ealing.

“The section 106 money the council gets from the developers for improvements will not be enough to sustain this growth.

“What we could be looking at is Ealing turning into a dormitory of London, with lots of empty shops and housing.”

In the new proposals, blocks which will front on to Haven Green at the Arcadia site will rise up to 12 storeys, and would also integrate a bus interchange into Haven Green, a controversial move the developers say is compensated for by getting rid of a road which runs through the open space at the moment.

Around 60,000 homes received letters about the application last week from Ealing Council, and the deadline for residents to have their say on the plans is Friday, November 28.

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